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New Middle Ages: Women in Mid-Life

In 2003, Jean Marmoreo's new book was published by Prentice Hall. Here's what it's about:

It’s time for a new take on middle age.With six million Canadian women now between 40 and 65, being female and middle aged is no longer a stage of life to be silent and invisible about.

Indeed, it’s a time to stand up, speak up and even leap up. That’s what Jean Marmoreo thinks.

Her new view on midlife is drawn from 25 years in the examining room as a privileged witness to the crucible of her patient’s lives. Gritty, honest, and empowering, The New Middle Ages does in print what good friends do all the time: share their stories in hopes that they’ll tap into each other’s knowledge, advice, comfort and strength.

Canadian women today are juggling more demands than ever: their careers, their kids, parents, partners, personal fulfillment – and the endless struggle to find time to manage it all.

But as the author says: “You can’t have it all, all the time. And that’s okay.”

What's inside:

  • Physiological issues brought on by menopause

  • Recharging a mid-life woman's sexual drive

  • What women want to know about taking care of their heart and bones

  • Stress and coping as mid-life women fulfill many roles—from taking care of children to taking care of elderly parents, careers, second marriages, and more

"The column [Middle Ages] is a huge success...can't imagine anyone else writing it!" —National Post

To purchase your copy, click here.


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